My New Favorite Drink

Move over iced mint mocha, make way for the iced dirty chai! The dirty chai americano with salted caramel and a splash of cream is my new drink of choice. No matter that it was 40 degrees this morning. It could be snowing and that’s not going to stop me from ordering this iced beverage, although I do think this would be delicious served hot as well. What makes this drink “dirty” is the shot of espresso that’s added to the chai.

Here’s a money-saving tip: if you usually order a mocha or latte, try making your favorite drink into an americano. You get more of the coffee flavor, plus americanos are cheaper than mochas and lattes, so it’s a win win! For example, my husband used to order white chocolate, peppermint mochas. Now he orders a white chocolate peppermint americano with a splash of cream. This can be a great way to cut calories too!

This morning my coffee was made by Emily, the owner of Local Joe Espresso in Arlington, Washington. We have at least five coffee stands within five miles of our home and this one is my favorite. Emily is super friendly and has a knack for remembering your drink. She makes good coffee too! Cheers!



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