Pirates of the Caribbean Themed Trunk or Treat



The process of planning and putting together this trunk scene was a group effort. All hands on deck! Pun intended!

The treasure chest is actually our children’s toy chest. We stuffed the chest with a gold-colored curtain panel that we had in our closet. On top of that we scattered plastic gold coins, and acrylic gems and added a battery operated strand of twinkle lights for a neat shiny effect. We have a posable Jack Sparrow sitting atop the treasure chest, behind a ship wheel covered in spider webs. We did not skimp on our use of spider webs and creepy cloth! I regret not using fishnet though, I think that would have been a nice touch!

More than anything, I think the wave light projector made the neatest effect! We had the projector placed discreetly in Jack’s lap, so that it shined directly up toward his face.

Knowing that we wouldn’t have access to a power outlet, we made sure that everything was battery-operated. The led lantern we already had and we repurposed by covering it in fake spider webs and strategically placing a creepy skeleton hand on top.


The hanging lantern we created by putting a few battery operated votives inside of a mason jar and covered in black creepy cloth. I loved the contrast between the orange votives and blue wave light.

The Jolly Roger Flag made for the perfect backdrop.


Of course, the whole effect wouldn’t be complete with out a Pirate Soundtrack! We used songs from the Pirates of the Caribbean soundtrack, Disney’s Ultimate Swashbuckler Collection, and a couple songs from the Hook soundtrack. We played the music using our phone’s blu tooth and a compatible portable speaker, Stay tuned to see what we have up our sleeves for this year’s trunk!

Faith posing with her buddy, Jack. This was during the planning process. So much fun!


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